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Nordic Spa Gift Card

Every Dad Deserves Wellness


Celebrate Every Dad This Father’s Day

Give Dad the gift of wellness with a Kananaskis Nordic spa gift card. Every dad deserves to feel their best, and with hydrotherapy, they can experience a range of benefits:

Heat therapy promotes blood flow, allowing oxidation of muscles and improved healing time.

Heath therapy reduces muscle soreness by increasing oxygen transport during hydro immersion.

The cold stage of the hydrotherapy cycle eliminates toxins by promoting the increased production of white blood cells, your body’s natural healing agent.

Dating back as far as 4500BC and later promoted by Roman physicians, the hydrotherapy cycle has long been noted for its calming, stress reduction benefits.

As the health of your circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems improves, your ability to rest and achieve more peaceful sleep improves.

The improvement of blood flow promotes the release of endorphins, your body’s happiness hormones. You leave the Nordic spa feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and happier!

The cold cycle helps reduce inflammation of the muscles, while the hot cycle combined with water pressure, eases inflammation of the joints.

When the cold cycle activates increased production of white blood cells, your immune system improves. White blood cells help your body fight infections and other diseases.

Give the Gift of Wellness Today

Our e-gift cards are available for any denomination and redeemable for a variety of experiences. From rejuvenating hydrotherapy access and soothing massages to delicious dining at Two Trees Bistro, our e-gift cards offer endless possibilities to unwind.

Terms & Conditions: Gift cards are intended for personal use and may not be utilized for commercial purposes or contesting without written authorization.

Please note that prices may vary throughout the year, so when selecting the value of your e-gift card, consider the fluctuating rates for both the spa and the lodge.